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How does tomee® work?

Like this. It’s not magic – it’s magnets!
No fiddly pins, clips or grips – just gems to switch, swap, mix and match instantly. 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step two:

Choose your gems

Gems are what we call the collectible, interchangeable designer discs that click magnetically into your ring, badge or pendant. We call them that because they’re so precious – and so utterly personal to you.

So go on – enjoy yourself… Express yourself! Start your collection right now – pick a few that say something about you. Tell the world what you love, what you hate; what you’re for and what you’re not – or simply pick one that just looks lovely. With tomee® every gem’s a jewel! 

Below are just a few of our tomee® themed collections – there are loads and loads more, categorised in wild and wonderful ways – from national flags and rebel icons to bands, brands, sports teams, star signs and loads more… 

And don’t forget – we’re adding new tomee® gems all the time – so keep coming back and make sure you’re first to wear the latest designs!

Step 3:

Create your own unique Tomee® gem design

Family, friends, lovers, pets... upload your fave pics of pretty much anything and anyone you love to turn them into precious gems in a couple of clicks!


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